Thursday, December 09, 2004

last class/ last entry

We fiished the paper presentations today.
I really liked jennie's diamond/ lit. metaphor.
I think that Francoise is crazy for wanting to move alice in wonderland down the list. My suggestion to her (and I don't know if she has done this or not) is to reread it as an adult. I reread it last fall, as my non-school related/ relaxation/ easy read book. It was fasinating, there were things in there that I had never picked up on before, when I read it as a child. I also want to make that point that it is an entirely different experience from that movie; it is not the same as reading and putting yourself in that world. It was also the first time that I understood what was actually happening in the walrus scene. That is a book that we cannot alter; it belongs in the top 10. I was suprised that mandy incorporated poe into her essay. I'll be honest he was the one that I thought had little to say, but that may be because we was easy to understand. I did think it ws interesting that the last two presentors brough god into thier papers, but now I find it more interesting that more didn't.
Sexson's conclusion: lit. makes you a more interesting person.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

paper pres.

I thought it was interesting today that everyone came up with such different responses to the assignment: lit. crit. and the well-lived life. Everyone agreed that they are related and that lit. crit. can only improve the staus of one's life, but beyond everyone had really different points. I was suprised, and I guess I shouldn't have been, that so many people wrote persuassive papers, urging us into action. My favorite was kelly's not for the santa part, but for her first statement: criticism is the ultimate form of reader response. I had never though about that before, but she is 100% right, and since reader response is the concept that I actually understand her statement made me feel like I understand the whole class.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

groups 4-6

I missed class today, as I had a concusion; a ladder fell on my head yesterday at work. I really like to see the way everyone can be so creative.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004


the first 3 groups went today; I'm in #2.
The first one did a really good job. They were funny and they all played their critics so we all got the learn a little bit more about them. our group didn't want to go after them. we based our presentation on the issues assigned to us (we thought that we had to, but we should have know better, there are no specific assignments) so we melded feminism, medeval theory, drama, and authorship together, and it actually worked. But it might have been a little confusing for some.
the last group did a good jopb too, I really liked all the references that they incorporated.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


I made some dumb mistakes, like not reading the whole question.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

test review

today all we did was review forthe test; everyone gave a very brief description of their critic.
Inaddition to the notes on the board, we should also study derrida and frye and don't forget the chart. don't forget to memorize the nietzsche quote: truth is a mobile army of metaphors. Good luck!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Last of critics & derrida

We finshed the critic presentations today. they were all really good. We have been studing butler in another class of mine and we were give a simplified version of he theory: gender is a performance. She is specifically talking about the actions and behaviors that we all consider to be masculine or feminine. Fish went today and reader response is a concept that you don't have to explain to me, for once. It is also the one that I can agree with most easily.

We also talked briefly about Derrida: there is no outside of the text.